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[GA]Rules and Regulation

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PostSubject: [GA]Rules and Regulation Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:12 am

What is [GA] or Game Advisor?
They provide assistance regarding ingame problems. GA can answer question from other players regarding ingame.

Do [GA] have special Items?
None. they are normal players.

Can a [GA] use special commands like [GM]?
None. as we said [GA] is only a normal player and nothing special w/ their accounts.

Can a [GA] ban players?
The answer is NO. They can report but they CAN'T use any GM commands in their accounts, their duty is to give advice, answer questions. Example: Stats, Skills, Items and More...

Can a [GA] use bad words?.
The Answer is NO!!!! they must be a good role model to the community.

Is the [GA] required to be online every day?
We don't require GAs to go online 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week if you can do that your not human :biggrin: However, due to inactive activity by GA ingame we demote them IF they can't go online after 7 days.

Can a [GA] help players by means of party, training, give out free stuffs etc...
Yes, it will depend on the GA If he/she wants to party, train or even give free items to you. We all know that GA are still normal players.

Can a [GA] participate in PVP/GVG?.
Yes they can invite someone in PVP/GVG (depend on SCabal Staff guild if they do GVG), they are only normal players and nothing special w/ them.

Can a [GA] participate in WAR maps (for i.e. LakeSide) ?
Yes they are allow to KILL someone or whoever they want in any war maps unless they have been told by player to stop(the one they killed), GA should stop killing.

Can a [GA] participate in TG?
Yes, they are allowed to kill anyone in TG although there guild is on ISCabal staff guild, your also allow to kill GA while they are in TG.

Can a [GA] participate in PK mode?
Yes. They are allowed to PK as long as they stop when asked to. Not stopping when asked will result to demotion. If the one asking him/her to stop carries on with the PK afterward, GAs are allowed to PK them back again.

All this new rule applies to any characters on existing account of GA!

GA's MUST add all the GM's in their buddy list!
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[GA]Rules and Regulation

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