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(GA Application of Debuffer)

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(GA Application of Debuffer) Empty
PostSubject: (GA Application of Debuffer) (GA Application of Debuffer) EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 5:55 am

Title of the Post: GA Application of Debuffer)
Character Name: Debuffer
Character Gender: Male
Character Class: Force Blader

Answer the following question with the utmost of your understanding. Impress us with your answers. Indicate your answer after each question.

1. How long have you been playing cabal online?
Answer: Since 2008

2. There are six different classes or character in the game. What are their characteristics and specialties?

[ Warrior ] - The warrior has high attack and defense; don’t have stun attacks, so you need take down your enemies (means that the warrior only have down and knock back attacks). Party Buffs very useful in dungeon´s and is good in pvp. It’s the favorite of many players. Uses only a great sword or daikatana blade, so he is a sword skill´s user. Armour items of course, the warrior will gain more defense if you equip him with armor, (you cannot let a warrior use Battle or martial set´s of course)

[ Blader ] - The Blader is a character with a defense normal and a good attack, also has defense rate and attack rate high, is a character of attacks rapids, not alone that also has good critical rate (percentage of critical attacks) and critical damage that come included in most of the attacks. Is a good character for the dungeon as in the PvP. It uses skill sword to exception of 2 in magic that help.

[ Wizard ] - The Wizard is the ULTIMATE Destroyer, the Ruler of the force, Wizards are ones who have mastered the very "last form of Force", which the Sage Tower has inherited from the Honorable Age. They manipulate Force to compensate their physical weakness. The Wizard is a character that you characterized for have little defense, also has a high magic attack and Skills of great Area of Effect, Stun, down and know back. Can eliminate a great group of enemies in an instant.

The Wizard not compared in defense to the other characters, for what won't resist too much, only have one way, eliminate your opponents quick possible. The Wizard this fact to kill, doesn’t to defend. This is the character with the displacement more quick of the game, for that can use Blink+Dash.

[ Force Shielder ] - the Force Shielder is a defensive character. His defense can be the greatest compared with another´s characters, he have close rank attack´s (in the case of Sword Force Shielder) or long rank attaks (in the case of Magic Force Shielder).
The Force Shielder is very useful in party. It’s the good in dungeon´s, but need a good set to win in pvp.

[ Force Archer ] - Force Archer, is the only healer class with support type buffs.
They can also have some serious DPS from low skill casting time and a decent range. Basically, I believe speed is the most important thing for FA.
Also keep in mind the range to your target, and your standing position.

[ Force Blader ] - Force Bladers realized that using sword and magic spells at the same time would compensate for the weakness. Then they created unique battle skills as known as "Magic Sword Skills". This is how Force Bladers, the Magic Swordsmen have been established.

3. There are six common dungeons in the game namely Lake in the Dusk, Ruina Station, Tower of Dead B1f, Volcanic Citadel, Tower of Dead B2f, and Forgotten Temple B1f. What are the requirements in order for a character to enter into these six different worlds?
Lake in Dusk- (level 65)
Ruina Station- (level 75)
Tower of Dead B1f- (level 95)
Volcanic Citadel- (level 105)
Tower of Dead B2f- (level 105)
Forgotten Temple B1f-(level 115)

4. Site one of the technical problems in the game. How will you manage such problem if someone is asking you?

Disconnecting in Game,
May be the players try to enter the dungeon but it will result in Disconnect, so i will tell him to reconnect and try to unequip some items that maybe the cause of the Disconnecting. If not, I will tell to the other staff the problem, for them to help me fix it.

5. Differentiate Spam from Scam. Site some examples.

[Spam] - Spam or Spamming it is usually did by repeated messages similar as flooding messages while
[Scam] - Hacking or getting an items that the victim did not notice.

6. In a given situation when no staff members are online, and you noticed an abusive player PK’ing your character or other players with no reason, what will you do?

I will tell them to stop it because the other player who they PK'ing has the freedom to play. and if they Stop,
I will use my freedom as a player and i will use the Screen Shot and the i will report it.

7. Why do you want to be a GA?
To serve the CABAL Community and to have a Fair game in the Game. to support the new players. To became a Big help to the team.

8.Why should we hire you? What are your potentials for being a GA?
Because i want to help my co-players in game. I have the qualification to serve as a GA. I am a loyal player of cabal.

9. If you have given a chance to do your job as GA, what can you do or contribute to our server?
In that case, I will be came a good Adviser to the other players and i will promote our game to other and for those who play it already i will Promote to Vote our game.
I will help my other Players and Staff to have a Good and Fair game.

Your Real Name: John Joseph Cruz
Age: 16
Gender: male
Location: Batangas City
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(GA Application of Debuffer)

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