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Game Rules

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PostSubject: Game Rules Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:17 am

Game Rules

The English is the main language for speaking in The Game. We do understand that we have players from all parts of the world, but in Normal and Shout chat please try to speak English the best that you can.

Account Information
We the GM team will never ask any players for your account, password, secure code or any information. If you happen to fall into this trap please be warned that any items lost cannot and will not be recovered.

This is a PK & PVP game. However, if one player follows another player around constantly & continuously PK’s them then that is a form of harassment & not tolerated. If that occurs please provide the GMs with evidence <Fraps or SS> & the harassing player will be dealt with. Please also provide multiple screenshots.
Harassment of players who make lvl's not tolerated in our server and player will be banned for one week.
(Suspension Level: Temporary Account Ban)

Hacks & bugs exploit
No hacks or bug exploits are allowed in InfinityStarCabal. Any player found using a hack system or abusing a bug will be punished. Bugs must be reported immediately to any InfinityStarCabal Staff member.
(Suspension Level: Permanent ban)

It is very difficult to verify scams. Therefore, the only action a InfinityStarCabal Staff member will do, if scam is verified & has enough evidence, is to ban the scammer. No items will be returned to the scammed player.
(Suspension Level: Permanent ban)

Using a GM name or impersonating a Staff member

To choose a nick name in game alike any Game Master official name is not allowed. If during any Database search a character is found with a GM name, it will be deleted & the account banned without warning. Impersonating a GM or a Staff member ingame will be punished too.
(Suspension Level: Permanent ban)

Inappropriate Language
Insults & offensive words are not allowed. This includes nicknames of characters.
(Suspension Level: One day ban. Permanent ban if player no change a character's nickname for one day after ban ended)


Advertisement in any kind of way about other servers, scamming sites & keylogging sites are extremely prohibited. By breaking this rule will result in a hard punishment.
(Suspension Level: Permanent ban)

Respect the GM's

As the authority of the game, & as the ones working exclusive for the players outside & inside the game community, the Game Masters deserve all the respect & good treatment you can offer to them, in same way, the Game Masters will respect you, & support you, as every player deserve. Player killing & questioning a GM will not be allowed. If players need to make a request, they must do in a proper way. (This includes accusing the GM of abusing his power to help the guild he's in.)
(Suspension Level: Player disconnect or permanent ban if the attitude persists.)

Account selling/buying/trading

ISCABAL Team is not response for stolen or deceptive accounts by selling/buying/trading! When you giving/getting account this is on your own risk! We do not condone such activity by our players! We can not offer you any help for similar problem! We are not to blame for your mistakes and inattention!
(Suspension Level: Permanent ban)

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PostSubject: Re: Game Rules Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:06 pm

I like this Razz
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Game Rules

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